QM Sports Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% fully owned Chinese Company and begun it’s operation as a partnership business entity in year 2000. However, due to expansion of the business activities and in order to enable it to  take up greater challenge and responsibility, QM Sports Sdn. Bhd. has therefore being incorporated under the Malsysian Company Act 1965 on 22 October 2002.

Today QM Sports Sdn. Bhd. is keep to continously serve and provides a specializing in T-Shirt, Track Suit, Cap, Towel and other Sport Wear Product. With  the aim of improve the product quality and enhance customer satisfaction, QM Sports Sdn. Bhd . embarks on the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 Internetional Standard.

Over the years, QM Sports Sdn. Bhd. has developed  it’s capabilities on the business of manufacturing and trading in Sports Wear, Sports Equipment and other related products and to act as merchants, general traders, commission agents, carriers or in any other capacity in Malaysia or elsewhere and to import export, buy, sell, barter, exchange, pledge, make advance upon or otherwise deal in sports wear, sports equipment and technology provider acquire highly competitive products and technical support.

QMSports Sdn.Bhd. is committed to provide an efficient, quality and save service to client and aiming to become professionally competent and trustworthy company in the long run. In view of this commitment and vision, QM Sports Sdn. Bhd. has adopts a systematic process of management policy for continuous improvement, whereby, “voice of customer”, “voice of business” and “voice of the process” is heard, interpreted and converted into positive action.

This unique blend of management and technical expertise and business knowledge of our group will ensure the optimum approaches are selected to meet our client requirements.

Finally, the company is having good support with proven track record from material suppliers and trade facilities from Bankers to ensure successful and smooth execution of it’s business.